Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 21 It Was 70 Degress Today

The weather today continued to be nice and mild. It's supposed to rain this weekend but we'll see what happens. Tomorrow starts my usually four day weekends, which always makes me happy! Enjoy today's poem!

I can't explain it
But I feel it
When I see you

It's a spark

It's something
I can't place
I don't even know
Know how to explain it

But whatever it is

When I see you
I know it
And I know
I like you


badjedi said...

Oh like the poem. I have a response:
I wait patiently for the pull of the strings,
for once they are pulled I can become anything,
a swan, a princess,or a ballerina-which one shall I be?
jumping,twirling,and swaying to the different melodies,
I wait patiently.

kjtgp1 said...

thank you very much!!
Great poem too I love it!! :)