Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 2 Innocence

Day 2 so far so good. Hope you like this one! Please leave your comments I would love to hear from you. Thanks, enjoy!

When we are young
We don't think about it
Don't think it will ever be
Be gone forever

It doesn't mean much
When we are young
But when we get old
We wish we had it
Wish we had it back


RiseUp said...

Is that you? (or a photo you found on ffffound? )


(aka Pitxi ;) )

kjtgp1 said...

Hey, Pitxi!!! It's a photo I found on ffffound. All the photos I'll be using for this will come from there.

RiseUp said...

ok, I'v just read the intro on the blog ;)

kjtgp1 said...

No worries Pitxi it's all good! :)