Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 237 Crazy Day

See my grandfather(my dad's dad) passed away this morning. Crazy right? See two weeks ago when my grandma(my mom's mom) passed away my grandfather went into the hospital, so this wasn't a total shock either. I am sad about this don't get me wrong it's sad to lose both and your only grandparents in a span of two weeks; but I was never as close to my grandfather as I was my grandmother. So it's saddening but I'm not as sad about it, more perplexed then anything at the craziness of life. I feel bad for my dad though and my aunt and uncle's as well, but mostly my dad and aunt.

The good news is my cousin (my aunt's son) is getting married tomorrow, so as much as she has to deal with this now, she wants everyone to still have a good time tomorrow. So that's the plus side of life. And hopefully we'll get to do the other things we had planned for this weekend.
Have a great week everyone!

Life is random
Life is strange
But life is life

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