Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 224 Sorry For Being MIA

Sorry for being MIA these last few days. My grandma passed away Wednesday morning, and the last few days have been rough. This was not a shock as she had not be doing well for the last few months, but nevertheless it's been rough.

Thankfully today things are slowly but surely returning back to normal. 365 would not be 365 if I did not make up for the days I missed; therefore, here is today's poem plus all the days I missed. I hope everyone is have a great weekend! Enjoy!

Day 224

Swirly surreal animals
Grow inside my head

They come out today to play
With violins and paper hay

Day 223

Splash splash
Paper splash
Like a rainbow color rash

Day 222

Don't be shy
Come to me
Dance with me
Be with me

Day 221

I dream of the moment
Where one day I can be free
Free to be me

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