Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 149 Wii

I got to spend sometime playing my Wii today, which made me really happy cause I haven't played video games in so long. School takes up so much of my time that I hardly get the chance to play anymore. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

You came to me
So mysteriously
I've never seen you before

I was watching tv
So innocently
When you walked through
That bedroom door

You came over to the bed
And spoke to me
Not sure what you said

Your head
Your face
Your mouth
So close to mine

I grabbed you
I embraced you
We madeout like crazy

We rolled around
The sweat
The rush
The passion
It felt so good

Though we were just kissing
It still felt so good
So good to be back

Then you faded away
Into the darkness

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